Wire and cable labels for precise identification


Welcome to I-Label, your dedicated source for high-quality wire and cable labels that meet all your identification needs. Whether you are looking for label labels for electrical wiring, network cables, or other cabling applications, we offer an extensive range of solutions to meet your requirements.

Print labels On-Demand
With our advanced printing technology, you can quickly and easily print labels whenever you need them. Whether you want to print individual labels or produce entire rolls, our systems offer the flexibility to meet your printing needs, ensuring you always have the labels you need when you need them.

Labels on roll for efficient applications
Our labels on rolls are designed for seamless integration into your label printers, allowing you to produce labels effortlessly and efficiently in large quantities. Whether you need thermal labels for fast printing or white labels for a clean, professional look, we have the right labels on a roll for your application.

Thermal labels for durable identification
With our thermal labels, you can quickly and easily produce high-quality labels without ink. These labels are ideal for applications where durability and legibility are essential, such as warehouse management, logistics and product identification.

Cable labels for clear identification
Our cable labels are specially designed to clearly and accurately identify cables, minimising your risk of confusion and error. With different colours and sizes available, you can easily organise and maintain your cabling system for optimum performance.

White and coloured labels for various applications
Whether you are looking for white labels for a classic look or coloured labels for eye-catching visual identification, we offer a wide range of options to meet your specific needs. Size labels allow you to choose the perfect size for your application, giving you maximum flexibility when labelling different items.

At I-Label, we aim to provide you with the highest quality wire and cable labels to meet all your requirements. Explore our range today and optimise the identification of your cabling system for maximum efficiency and reliability.

We offer solutions for all kinds of applications:



I-label has an extensive range of label formats for the identification of sockets and panels.

Labels for telecommunications cabinets. Labeling patchways and for general identification in the telecom sector.


Patch panels

I-label has larger location labels for the entire faceplate and smaller labels to identify individual ports.

Our proprietary adhesives stick to the textured plastics widely used in general industry.



Provide electrical cabinets with the correct labelling. There are specific solutions for the electrical cables, patch panels, switches, safety signage, ... and finally the cabinet itself.




These narrow width special markers are ideal for identifying terminal blocks. Can be printed with different printing technologies.





I-label has an extensive range of label formats for the identification of racks and panels. Labels for telecommunications cabinets.

Labeling patchways and for general identification in the telecom sector.


Fiber optic

Fiber optic cables are thin and should not "crack". That is why a standard wrapping label or flag label is not recommended and a modified flag label with a narrower attachment point is often used. This way the label can be read without having to touch the cable. After all, the label can be printed on both sides.

Or are you looking for a specific characteristic?



Our self-laminating labels stay put because they are flexible and conform to the shape of the cable. In addition, they protect the printed information themselves. This is our most sold wire and cable label. Available for portable, desktop & industrial thermal label printers.


Heat shrink tubes

Heat shrink tubing or sleeves are very robust, but must be fitted before inserting the connector. There are: double-sided, coloured, diesel resistant, self-extinguishing, without halogens, in 3:1 & 3:2 shrink ratio, in ladder format and in continue format.


Nylon fabric

Nylon fabric labels for thermal transfer printers. Ideal for environments where extreme temperatures, moisture, oil and dirt can affect less durable materials.




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