Warehouse labeling

Increase the safety and efficiency of your warehouses to achieve higher order accuracy and shorter delivery times.
A highly performing warehouse is the ultimate means to successfully respond to the increasing needs of the customer, both online and offline.

We help you build/customize safe, lean and efficient visual warehouses.

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Lockout / Tagout

Safer working on machines:
- easily neutralize the energy supply to machines
- increase safety during maintenance work
- prevent accidents, save time and money


Floor marking

Increase business efficiency:
- easily separate traffic from people and vehicles 
- create storage space, warn and keep zones free
- visibly organize business activities

Visual status marker

To prevent accidents with uninspected equipment:
- easily communicate equipment safety status
- share the next inspection date quickly
- a solution for every equipment thanks to a wide range


Prevent slips and falls:
- easily control or prevent the spread of spilled liquids
- avoid accidents and conflicts of conformity
- also available in intervention kits and stations

Safety icons

Essential information where needed:
- easily caution, warn and inform
- clearly indicate locations with fire-fighting and safety equipment
- can be printed on site

Labels for racks

Supporting efficient picking:
- quickly find goods or components
- max. stretch weight in accordance with EN15635
- also available in removable and magnetic materials

Box transport icons

Treatment Warnings:
- clearly indicate how certain boxes should be treated
- give warnings about the contents of boxes
- full range available

RFID Labels for boxes

Complete deliveries, always:
- handle shipments with RFID scanning port
- support inventory tracking
- can be linked to stock systems


GHS/CLP labels

Compliant Chemical Packaging:
- in accordance with the labeling for hazardous substances
- can be printed on site
- resistant to the substances they themselves warn about

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