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I-label lockout tagout labels on roll for warehouse labeling

Lockout / Tagout

Safer working on machines:
- easily neutralize the energy supply to machines
- increase safety during maintenance work
- prevent accidents, save time and money


I-Label floor marking labels on rolls for warehouse labeling

Floor marking

Increase business efficiency:
- easily separate traffic from people and vehicles 
- create storage space, warn and keep zones free
- visibly organize business activities

I-Label visual status marker labels on rolls for warehouse labeling

Visual status marker

To prevent accidents with uninspected equipment:
- easily communicate equipment safety status
- share the next inspection date quickly
- a solution for every equipment thanks to a wide range

I-Label aborbents labels on rolls for warehouse labeling


Prevent slips and falls:
- easily control or prevent the spread of spilled liquids
- avoid accidents and conflicts of conformity
- also available in intervention kits and stations

I-Label safety icons labels on rolls for warehouse labeling

Safety icons

Essential information where needed:
- easily caution, warn and inform
- clearly indicate locations with fire-fighting and safety equipment
- can be printed on site

I-Label labels on rolls for racks and other warehouse labeling

Labels for racks

Supporting efficient picking:
- quickly find goods or components
- max. stretch weight in accordance with EN15635
- also available in removable and magnetic materials

I-Label box transport icons on rolls for warehouse labeling

Box transport icons

Treatment Warnings:
- clearly indicate how certain boxes should be treated
- give warnings about the contents of boxes
- full range available

I-Label RFID labels on rolls for boxes and warehouse labeling

RFID Labels for boxes

Complete deliveries, always:
- handle shipments with RFID scanning port
- support inventory tracking
- can be linked to stock systems


I-Label GHS CLP labels on rolls for warehouse labeling

GHS/CLP labels

Compliant Chemical Packaging:
- in accordance with the labeling for hazardous substances
- can be printed on site
- resistant to the substances they themselves warn about

Reliable labels for warehouse management
Designed specifically for warehouse environments, our adhesive labels offer durable adhesion to a variety of surfaces, including plastic, metal and cardboard. Whether you are looking for barcode labels, product labels or shipping labels, we have the solution to suit your needs.

Advanced barcode label printers
Our advanced barcode label printers allow you to quickly and accurately print labels with unique barcode identification, helping you improve your inventory management and minimise errors. Our compact printers are perfect for use in warehouses where space is limited.

Customised solutions for warehouse identification
In addition to standard labels, we also offer customised solutions for warehouse identification, allowing you to create labels that perfectly fit your specific needs. Whether you need labels with specific dimensions, colours or materials, we have the expertise to meet your requirements.

Efficient label management software
Our software solutions, including NiceLabel, provide you with the tools you need for efficient label management in your warehouse. With features such as templates, database access and batch printing, you can automate your labelling processes and minimise errors.

Optimise your warehouse with I-Label
Discover today how I-Label can help you organise your warehouse and optimise your logistics processes with our high-quality warehouse identification solutions. With our expertise and reliable products, you can work more efficiently and improve your bottom line.

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