Which software does my company need?

Loftware Nicelabel, the tailor-made label software for your company.

Design and print your own labels: with Nicelabel it's all possible:
From label design to printing - Loftware NiceLabel offers everything you need to manage your labeling process in one easy-to-use system.
Designed for high-speed single-site or multi-site departments or facilities, it is an ideal solution for medium-sized or growing businesses.

Below are some examples:

Example 1: Small or medium size company

Easily start designing and printing barcode  labels.
• Create labels in minutes; no coding or advanced computer skills needed
• Reduce label costs and complexity with intelligent, universal label templates

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Solution 1: Entry level

1 software license for 1 PC:

- Designer Express
- Designer Pro
- PowerForms

Solution 2: Within domains

Software license based on the number of printers.
These licenses can be used on an unlimited number of computers within the same domain.

Example 2: Medium or large company

Standardize your global labeling process on one platform:
• Design, review, approve and manage labels from a centralized database
• Streamline the label design process with an easy-to-use label designer
• Configure efficient label printing interfaces for the print operators
• Integrate label printing with databases and business systems
• Extend standardized labeling throughout the supply chain

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Solution 3: Central label management system

- Label Management System
- Control center on own server manages the licenses
- Users can log in via a Microsoft or Google Account

Solution 4: Global Cloud solution

- Control center in the Cloud manages the licenses
- Suitable for multiple locations and entities
- Users can log in via a Microsoft and Google Account

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