X-TubeProcessor Sign

Versatile laboratory labeling: One device for all types of tubes


Label different types of tubes in one step and flexibly manage label design and data from any workstation.
The Sign is more than just a laboratory label printer: it adapts to your processes.



Thanks to its design, the X-TubeProcessor® Sign enables the printing and precise application of labels on a wide range of different laboratory tubes – all with a single device.
The system has a flexible 4-jaw gripper, this enables the Sign to handle a wide variety of tube types and sizes from different brands. The device can simultaneously handle 12 racks. Design your label quickly and with ease with the included software or use any other. The job manager ensures that your software inputs are seamlessly translated into work steps for the sign.

Versatile labeling: One device for all types of tubes & racks

Thanks to its design, the Sign enables labeling for a wide range of tube / vial sizes and types, all with a single device without changeover time.

Reduce errors and costs in your processes

Save yourself and your employees time on manual labeling. Reduce errors, save costs, increase safety, reduce the workload and enhance your productivity.

Walk away time: Increase your capacity

Use the Sign and get on with your work. The Sign takes over this time-consuming task, allowing you to devote yourself to more important tasks.

Low space consumption thanks to compact design

The Sign is a compact tabletop device with a footprint of only 90 cm x 73 cm (W x D) and a height of 85 cm. This saves valuable laboratory space.

No longer need for pre-printed labels

The Sign prints the required label and applies it immediately to the correct tube.  With our years of expertise in the field, we advise the right label and ribbon material for each application.

Smooth processing: Control your workflow

Exchange racks and add new ones, even while other jobs are still pending. The alert management informs you when a job is completed.

Simple and flexible workflow with the Sign Software

Design labels effortlessly with our intuitive software or integrate your own LIMS easily thanks to the job manager of the Sign.

Step 1: Create label design

The Sign allows you to create your own barcodes on each tube, giving you full control over the labeling process.

Step 2: Create task & send

Instead of cryptic error codes, the user is informed in clear sentences about possible errors on the device. This simplifies operation and minimises the downtime and amount of training required.

Step 3: Assign task to racks & start

The software is compatible with various data formats such as Excel and CSV. The Sign also can be integrated with your own LIMS.

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