Frequently asked questions about software

→ How can I design and print labels using label design software?

User can design and print labels using dedicated label design software, such as Nicelabel and other programs. This software provides intuitive tools and templates to help users create professional-looking labels.

→ Which software is the best for label design?

There are some very popular software applications for designing labels. They all offer a wide range of features, including drag-and-drop design, barcodes, graphics, variable data, as well as the ability to customize labels to meet specific needs.

→ How can I add barcodes to my labels with label software from I-Label?

You can easily add barcodes to labels by selecting the desired barcode and entering the corresponding data. The software automatically generates the barcode and adds it to the label design.

→ Is I-Label software easy for beginners to use?

Yes, many label design software, including Nicelabel, is designed with a user-friendly interface suitable for both beginners and experienced users. It provides intuitive tools and templates to make the design process easier, even for those without a technical background.


Frequently asked questions about printers

→ What is the difference between a thermal label printer and an inkjet label printer?

A thermal label printer uses heat to create the print on the label material, while an inkjet label printer uses ink to produce the print. Thermal label printers are often faster and do not require cartridges, making them ideal for labels on a roll.

→ How can I print labels with a label printer?

Printing labels with a label printer is easy. Connect the printer to a computer or other device, select the desired label design or template, enter the required data, and press the print button. The printer will print the labels according to the specified specifications.

→ What software do I need to design and print labels?

You need label design software to design and print labels. This software allows you to create custom labels with text, graphics, barcodes and numerous other elements.

→ Can I print labels from my smartphone or tablet?

Yes, many modern label printers support wireless printing from smartphones and tablets via dedicated mobile apps. These apps allow you to design labels from your device.

→ Can I create my own labels for specific applications, such as chemical safety signage or warehouse identification?

Yes, with the right label design software and the right materials that meet the specific requirements, such as GHS labels for chemical products or barcode labels for warehouse identification.

Frequently asked questions about labels

→ How can I print a roll of labels?

Roll labels can be printed using a label printer compatible with roll labels. These printers are designed to load rolls of labels and print them accurately.

→ What types of labels are suitable for warehouse identification?

Durable labels, such as thermal labels or labels mad eof polyethylene or polyester, are often used for warehouse identification. These labels can withstand harsh environments and are suitable for long-term use.

→ What types of labels are suitable for outdoor use?

For outdoor use, durable labels are essential. This includes labels made from materials such as vinyl or polyester with a strong adhesive for long-term adhesion.

→ Which labels are suitable for marking cables and wires?

Special cable labels or tags are required for marking cables and wiring. These are often self-adhesive and resistant to exposure to electronic currents and environmental influences.

→ Which labels can withstand high temperature environments?

In high temperature environments, thermal labels are ideal because their resistance to heat. Different types of thermal labels are suitable for various applications.

→ Which labels are suitable for food industry applications?

Use in the food industry requires labels that meet food safety standars and should be resistant to moisture and grease.

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