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I-Label helps companies of all sizes manage labeling in their operations and supply chain. Whether you have five or thousands of printers, we have a labeling solution to fit your business requirements.

In today's fast-paced manufacturing environments, speed is critical, especially when it comes to being able to change customer labels and ship products faster. Loftware's Enterprise Labeling Solutions integrate seamlessly with all your business applications and provide an unprecedented level of flexibility and power for creating, managing and printing mission-critical barcode labels in your supply chain.

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I-Label benefits of labelsoftware: design labels with Nicelabel

Design labels

Designing labels has never been so easy

- Easy to use Label Designer

- Predefined label templates 

I-Label benefits of labelsoftware: store labels with nicelabel

Store labels

Never lose your labels again

- Secure cloud-based storage

- Easy connection to your data sources 

I-Label benefits of label design software: print labels with nicelabel

Print labels

You’re just one click away from being done!

Print your labels anytime, from anywhere, simply via a web browser

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I-Label benefits of labelsoftware: Loftware Cloud

Average number of labels printed with Loftware Cloud

I-Label benefits of labelsoftware: fast setup of Loftware Cloud

You can be up and running on Loftware Cloud just in few minutes

I-Label benefits of labelsoftware: Loftware Cloud

Loftware Cloud ensures high availability and secure storage of your label information

Welcome to I-Label, your partner in label software and label printing. On this page, we explore the versatility and efficiency of our label design software and label printing capabilities. Discover how our advanced tools can improve and simplify your labelling processes, saving you time and achieving professional results.

Efficient label design with I-Label
With our label design software, you can easily and quickly create labels that meet your specific needs. Whether it's barcode labels, product labels, ghs labels or cable labels, our software offers a wide selection of templates, design elements and functionalities to meet all your requirements. Create labels that stand out and attract attention, while remaining professional and functional.

Customised label printing
After designing your labels, it's time to print them. With our label printers and software integration, such as the Brady label printers, you can print your labels quickly and easily. Whether you need a compact printer for small volumes or a durable printer for intensive use, we have the solution for you. Our label printers deliver consistent, high-quality results regardless of the complexity of your label design.

Applications of label software and label printing
Our label software and label printers are suitable for a wide range of applications and sectors. Whether you operate in logistics, manufacturing, retail or healthcare, our solutions are flexible and adaptable to your specific needs. From labelling cables and wires to identifying products and shipments, our software and printers offer the versatility needed for different applications.

Professional labelling solutions
At I-Label, we understand that every label is unique and requires special attention. That is why we offer not only state-of-the-art software and high-quality printers, but also professional advice and support to ensure you get the most out of your labelling projects. Our team is always ready to help you select the right software, solve problems and optimise your labelling processes.

Optimise your labelling processes with I-Label

Choose I-Label and discover how our labelling software and label printers can transform your labelling processes. Save time, reduce errors and increase productivity with our advanced solutions. Contact us today for a demo or to learn more about our products and services. Together, we can take your labelling processes to the next level and grow your business.

Frequently asked questions

Why is the Loftware Cloud Designer the best option for simple labeling requirements?

Loftware Cloud Designer is a professional and affordable label design solution that enables small businesses to easily create, store, and print professional labels in just minutes rather than hours. As such, it is the simplest, yet most comprehensive, cloud labeling solution for small businesses.  Also, with Loftware Cloud Designer, businesses gain access to a smooth and seamless software upgrade path should they ever need to transition to a more comprehensive edition of Loftware Cloud as they grow and expand.

How can I buy Loftware Cloud Designer?

Contact us via the contactform or mail to

How many labels can I print with the Loftware Cloud Designer?

You can print as many labels as you want, there is no label quantity-based limitation in place.

Is Loftware Cloud Designer secure?

Loftware Cloud Designer users benefit from one of the most secure cloud platforms available in the market, Microsoft Azure. With Loftware Cloud, you know your label data is very well protected and secure.

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