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Create a higher return on investment with perfectly positioned labels thanks to one of our (semi)-automatic print-and-apply printers.

New at I-Label: Automate tube and vial handling!

Set up to six racks of micro-screw tubes, press "Start", done: processing tubes and vials with the X-TubeProcessor®_Smart is so easy.

Despite its compact dimensions, the device is a full-fledged automation solution that can be flexibly adapted to the most diverse processes and production quantities.
The X-TubeProcessor®_Smart not only ensures that your liquids are filled in exactly the right quantity and quality, but also saves time and resources.

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I-Label Vial Label Printer

I-Label developed a label printer that is capable of labeling 30 tubes per minute. From paper labels to ultra thin polyester.

There are many benefits to working with auto-apply. The Vial Label Printer is designed to efficiently and professionally label vials.
The semi-automatic system ensures that you do not have to stick the labels yourself. This speeds up your production process and increases your return on investment.

The printer can handle almost all types of tubes and labels.

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A8500 Printer Applicator

Automatically print and place multiple unique labels on all sizes of tubes at a speed of 3 seconds per label.

• Place labels on a tube with a consistency and accuracy of 0.1 mm.
• Easily place labels using a tube that can be saved for reuse.
• Print data from an ERP system on demand on reliable traceability labels that can withstand the entire sampling process.

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