Lab identification

Labels for all kinds of applications and with specific properties.
Solutions for laboratory identification:
    - Match existing sizes of vials, vials, slides, well plates...
    - Data remains readable during processing and storage
    - Labels withstand:
                  - Freezer storage
                  - Liquid nitrogen
                  - Autoclave
                  - Hot water baths
                  - Various solvents (xylene, DMSO and ethanol)
    - Barcodes for comprehensive information storage
    - Seamlessly integrate with your LIMS 

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Vial / Vial top

Labels for LC-GC headspace, blood tubes, falcontubes, eps... If you combine the different types of vials and tubes with the possible environmental factors, you end up with a lot of variations; white or transparent with a white zone so that the contents are still visible, flexible for any shape, ultra thin... We are happy to help you!


Frozen tubes

If you already have frozen material that you cannot thaw, but still wish to identify or re-identify, you can use these polyester labels. I-Label Freezerbondz TM polyester labels can be stuck on a frozen surface!




The self-laminating labels for straws, combined with the thermal transfer printers and ribbons from I-Label, allow 2 lines of text to be clearly visible when inserted into the internal colored volume of the straw. The labels are designed to withstand long term storage when submerged in liquid nitrogen.



For perfect labeling of larger containers (measuring cups, Erlenmeyer flasks, graduated cylinders...) in various applications: freezer (-80°C), liquid nitrogen (-196°C), autoclave (+121°C), hot water baths... . We offer the appropriate label: self-laminating polyester, xylene resistant polyester, nylon cloth...



These labels are paramount to the success of a sample tracking program, which must be resistant to xylene, alcohol and dimethyl sulfoxide. Ensure that your slides or glass slides will remain legible for years to come. Here too a wide range of labels that are resistant to liquid nitrogen, autoclave, freezer and warm water baths.


Well plates

Crystal clear text and barcodes for identification of microtiter plates. Perfect tracing of samples is vital to success in a lab. We are happy to help you with this.



Are you looking for a label with specific properties?


Tamper indicating

Due to the use of the tear film, the label cannot be removed in 1 piece. The torn label shows that the closure has already been opened. Depending on the application, you can detect unauthorized use yourself or prevent the use of expired products.




Ultra Thin

These are the most sold labels in the lab world: self-laminating, self-protective and ultra-thin (so that they can be used in trays). The print is extra protected due to the self-laminating nature.




Sterilisation indicating

Sterilisation indicating labels provide users with proof of sterilisation. They are ideal for a broad range of laboratory processes including sample tracking, inventory management, general tracking, and glassware or tray identification.


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