Identification and barcode

Labels for all kinds of applications:
     - Wire and cable (shrink tubing, UTP cables...)
     - GHS / CLP
     - Circuit boards and components
     - Laboratory identification
     - Electrical identification
     - Security identification

And with specific properties:
     - Temperature indication
     - Self-extinguishing / Anti-flammable
     - Electrostatic dissipative
     - Tamper Indication
     - Outdoor durability
     - Ultra-aggressive adhesion

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Wire and cables

Clear and durable cable identification is extremely important. It saves time and prevents downtime. Contact us for help with various types of cable marking, from heat shrink tubing to repositionable tags.



GHS labels for hazardous substances according to the "new" GHS / CLP regulations and resistant to chemicals.
These labels are resistant to the substances they themselves warn about!


Circuit Boards and Components

Polyimide labels are most commonly used in the production of PCBs (Printed Cirquit Boards). These labels withstand temperatures up to 260°C and are resistant to cleaning products.

Lab labels

Laboratory identification

Labels for all kinds of applications and with specific properties. Solutions for laboratory identification.


Warehouse identification

Signage labels or pictograms for locations, pipes, zone demarcations... Choice of magnetic, self-adhesive or retro-reflective labels or pictograms.


Security identification

From quality tags with safety instructions for marking your valves, machines, parts, cables... to full color safety signs for indoor and outdoor use.

Did you know...

You can request finished pictograms as well as easily print them yourself with a signage printer:
      - Hazardous Substances Identification
      - Mini icons
      - Icons on a roll or in A5/A4/A3/A2/A1 size
      - Information signs / Machine safety
      - Fire Fighting Signs
      - ...

Are you looking for a label with a specific characteristic?


Permanent temperature-indicating

Irreversible, temperature-indicating polyester provides a permanent record of the highest temperature reached on a piece of equipment. When the equipment reaches a certain temperature, the white area on the label turns irreversibly black, giving clear proof of the highest temperature attained.


Reversible temperature-indicating

These labels continue to change colour to communicate the current temperature of components or product processes, even during power loss. They can quickly show when temperatures are not right to start a next phase of product testing, maintenance, food processing or medical processes.


Electrostatic Dissipative

Static dissipative labels can withstand high temperatures and aggressive cleaning processes. They are suitable for the pre-process labeling of printed circuit boards and electronic components.
A material is dissipative if it has an electrical resistance between 106 and 1011 Ohms. This gives it the ability to transport an electrostatic charge in a controlled manner (discharge it to earth).

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